Father teach me to love you more

To love you more when I am happy and sore

There is fullness of joy in your presence

In my high or low, you are my only essence


You loved me with the love unending

Placed me in a family that seeks your ascending

Touched by your grace, moved by your compassion

I learnt your way in my life in this church of Passion


Evangelists, intercessors and worshippers were among them

Everyone in Christ, they sound like a beautiful rhythm

Standing in the gap, preaching your gospel

Worshipping you, each one being a true disciple


Desperate I get, to be a part of any team

It goes far beyond, to the other side of the stream

Longing to do your will I ran a blind race

Without noticing your guidance and your loving grace


Tried to sing, tried to play music in your name

Failure in every attempt, thus turned away in shame

“You are blessed to work as an individual”, said my sister

Confused about your will I started writing this tongue twister


Inferiority kicks in and laziness adds up

Gave way to the enemy for the sadness to stirrup

What am I doing, why am I doing

Who is it for, it’s a complete ruin


While struggling in desperation I heard your still voice

Don’t you want to love me without all these and rejoice?

Realization hits like a mighty storm in the sea

Desiring what is seen and heard, is not my cup of tea


Lord, I will be what and however you want me to be

If you want me to be this, then this is what I will be

Least of all your servants, I’m the donkey who carries you therein

Ready to work hardest, yet not I am, but your grace that is within


True worship is not about music and songs

Intercession is not a fairy language of the monks

Evangelism is neither an ability nor talent of gongs

It’s all about the intimacy with you and to you I belong


Father teach me to fall in love with you forever

To trust and obey you in every endeavour

There is fullness of joy in your presence

In my high or low, you are my only essence





What I am is because of my Potter
                                                            -Vicas Charlie Sundar

Not frustrated, nor deprived

Not fed up, never gave up


My dad was on the hospital bed

My mom’s eyes turned crimson red

Middle in the ocean all alone

Waiting for the storm to come along


My papers get rejected

Professor calls my work dejected

Heart cries continually in pain

That was the year of no minimal gain


Oh happily driving to Christmas celebration

Suddenly comes a bike without any calibration

Hitting the break to save a life, I did

Slept on the road with my broken grid


Puppy my brother my friend and my equal

His life came to an end like an ugly sequel

Good comes to bad, bad comes to good

You will never know what you should


Oh what a wonderful, wonderful day

Three years of waiting and here it was today

My results have come like a humbling proclaim

Only to say that it was a total decline


Very frustrated, Very deprived

Totally fed up, completely gave up


Yet soon I realized that it doesn’t matter

As long as I am in the hands of the potter

Human brain can’t comprehend what’s going on

But He reminds me that He is with me all along


Dad rose up like an eagle after a big storm

Mom is all happy and completely calm

My broken bones were grafted stronger than Adamantium

Puppy lived to the fullest and now in Elysium


He fought the battles for me even for my small living room

Why wouldn’t He give me the victory over the doom?

I shall wait upon His promises, very calm in the calamity

I boast on my weakness, marching without the negativity


Pastor, Kee, Kar, Pet, Spa and Paul

I thank each one of you all

God used you to teach me what is His way

With the tongues beyond the upper room, come let us pray


Hard pressed, but not crushed; perplexed, but not despair;

Persecuted, not abandoned; Struck down, but not beyond repair

We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus

So that the life of Christ may also be revealed in us


Not frustrated, nor deprived

Not fed up, never gave up

I am what I am and what I am is because of my Potter



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This morning I had a wonderful revelation. I didn’t want to delay and miss any of d points, so m typing it down immediately….

Daniel 3rd chapter…..
we know that it talks about a mighty act of God….we have been hearing about it even before our schooling and its d favorite story to most of us…..
But I missed to notice two key points of the chapter and one from Daniel chapter 1…

1. I often focused on “God saves” and “if He doesn’t”…. (from Dan 3:17-18)
So it kinda became to me like, “God can save us or He may not save us”, in everything…i started to doubt every aspect of my life. Every situation in life I doubted “will He…. or not??”….
but I missed the key point…..
Dan 3:17 – If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able Read the rest of this entry »

We tend to get judgmental as soon as we get into ministry….instead of understanding d situation and solving it, we start pointing out…
and many a times we tend to point out mistakes in other members of our own church, we think what we know is the only truth, what we believe in is always right and what others know/believe is inconsiderate….

Jesus said in Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God………

how can we be peacemakers wen we ourselves lack d sense of peace and spirit of understanding…. 🙂
(no offense to anyone, nor focusing on any particular group…sorry if u feel so)


lets talk something straight forward…..
world has changed so much….sex became easy….having a partner became a prestigious issue….virgins are looked down upon….eventually one of the greatest curiosities in marriage is lost………
media and literature are taken as model………………………………………………………..
so in these situational days, can you Differentiate Love from Lust???
anyone up for a discussion??